[ntp:questions] Re: Cannot synchronize directly

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder grazdan at fortytwo.ch
Wed Oct 22 06:31:51 UTC 2003

Clinging to sanity, Bill Medland mumbled in his beard:

> box is happy but the other Linux box is not; it keeps giving "no
> server suitable for synchronization found" if I try ntpdate, and if I

ntpq -pn <linux box that should be timeserver> says what?

A frequent mistake is not to wait long enough until the server synchronizes.
ntpd needs 20 minutes or so until it has synchronized to a timeserver, so
you'll need to wait until this has happened.

ntpq -p should have at least one line with a '*' as the first character.

Your 'no server suitable for synchronization found' message tells me that
you are probably using ntpdate on the other Linux machine to fetch the time
from the server. Why not use ntpd on all computers? Time accuracy will be
much better, and ntpd doesn't consume many resources at all.

-- vbi

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