[ntp:questions] Re: w32time help

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Wed Oct 22 18:46:42 UTC 2003

Paulers wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I installed W32time on two nt4 servers. One is the master that
> communicates to a NTP time source, and the other is a client who
> contacts the master for time. I have both services running but it is
> not synching the time. Below is  my w32time.ini on the master and
> client. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You'll get a lot more help here if you simply (:-)) install a regular 
NTPD deamon.

However, the MS implementation, even if a lot less than optimal, should 
work (more or less).

Anyway, if you go to http://www.ntp.org/ you'll find all the 
documentation you could want, including links to precompiled binaries of 
ntp for NT.


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