[ntp:questions] Programming - Has anyone got any ebooks on network programming in C?

David Norris david.norris23 at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 25 00:19:41 UTC 2003

In specific, anything relating to NTP (network time protocol), DNS (the
domain name service) or Whois? I am currently working on a project which
requires use of these protocols. Getting information is proving difficult,
as it's a somewhat specialised requirement! I am designing an intrusion
detection system, to which I would like to add the capability to synchronise
the system clock with NTP, and perform DNS or WHOIS lookups (hopefully
automatically). I am even considering making the software available online,
if it gives the desired results. It runs on Windows NT4/2000/XP and should
hopefully also run on future versions of NT. Windows 9.X is not supported,
as Windows 95 has been obsolete for some time; 98 will be at the end of
2003, and ME not too long afterwards. (Windows 2000 and XP are actually NT
versions 5.0 and 5.1 respectively).

Anyone who is interested in the project can see some information online

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