[ntp:questions] Basic help needed...

Chris Taylor chris at x-bb.org
Sun Oct 26 03:13:47 UTC 2003


I just compiled and installed ntpd on a Linux machine for my local network.
It appears to be synchronizing correctly and so on. I'd like to make my
Windows clients automatically sync to my Linux server.

The contents of my ntp.conf look like this:
server bear.zoo.bt.co.uk burst iburst
server a.ntp.alphazed.net burst iburst
server time-server.ndo.com burst iburst
server clock.fmt.he.net burst iburst
server ntp.doubleukay.com burst iburst

As you can see, I picked a variety of servers (mostly in the UK - where I
am). My local network uses 192.168.0.x/ The documentation
seemed a little confusing on what "broadcast" should be set to (or if it's
even the right command for this application).

Use of the "peers" command in ntpdc gives this output right now:
     remote           local      st poll reach  delay   offset    disp
=      2   64    3 0.01848 -0.013699 0.00009
*      2   64    3 0.01578 -0.014881 0.00015
^     16   64    0 0.00000  0.000000 0.00000
=      3  128    3 0.02104 -0.005105 0.00012

The Windows machines on my local network are currently within a couple of
minutes of my server, but I can't get them to sync.

I assume the required command is some variation of "net time" but everything
I've tried doesn't seem to work...

Any advice on this matter would be great.


Chris Taylor - chris at x-bb.org - The guy with the PS2 WebServer -

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