[ntp:questions] Re: Redefinition Error with NTP-4.2.0 on OpenBSD 3.3

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Wed Oct 29 22:50:05 UTC 2003

ccsdhd at bath.ac.uk (Dennis Davis) wrote in message news:<HnJ3vK.J6x.B.hinault at bath.ac.uk>...
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> In the referenced article, roy at suespammers.org (Roy) writes:
> >ccsdhd at bath.ac.uk (Dennis Davis) wrote in message news:<HnIny6.H1L.B.hinault at bath.ac.uk>...
> >[snip]
> >> As pointed out by Danny Mayer in the comp.protocols.time.ntp
> >> Newsgroup, it's the expansion of include/ntp_rfc2553.h that's
> >> causing the problem.  That attempts to detect whether IP6 is already
> >> available and skips various definitions if it is.
> >> 
> >> It looks like the test:
> >> 
> >> #if defined(_SS_MAXSIZE) || defined(_SS_SIZE)
> >> #define HAVE_IPV6
> >> #else
> >> 
> >> isn't right for OpenBSD.
> >> 

I can't imagine that just checking for these two variables is sufficient
to decide whether or not it supports IPv6. A macro needs to be defined
in config.h if it supports IPv6 and that belongs in the autoconf stuff.

Harlan, you should take a look at what we did in BIND 9's autoconfig to
decide on whether or not includes will support IPv6.


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