[ntp:questions] Re: What's different about these (S)NTP servers?

Dale Worley worley at dragon.ariadne.com
Thu Oct 30 18:14:56 UTC 2003

gabriel rosenkoetter <grosen at cc3.com> writes:
> I think that it would be useful for ntpdate (and ntpd's) "no
> suitable server" messages to be a bit more verbose, especially if
> I've asked for verbose (debugging) output. Something like "server is
> not synchronized" doesn't seem like much to ask. Perhaps such a
> message is present in a more recent version of NTP?

The problem is that "no suitable server" means "I've finished
processing the list of all servers you supplied, and each one of them
was thrown out for one reason or another, as evidenced by the fact
that the list is now empty."  At that point in the code, the
information you want isn't present.  What you really want is an option
that means "When you exclude a server from consideration, print a
message explaining exactly why."  IIRC, you can dump out some internal
information from NTP that shows how each server is being treated and
why.  There may not be such a thing in ntpdate.  OTOH, it would
probably be a useful diagnostic tool.


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