[ntp:questions] Updating GettingStarted

Dale Worley worley at dragon.ariadne.com
Tue Sep 2 14:58:52 UTC 2003

I've started doing a little work on the TWiki topic GettingStarted.
I'm currently editing a scratch copy, NTP.DaleWorley2.

So far, I've made these changes:

- Putting in a note under the title that points to an even shorter
  quickstart guide, to aid the truly impatient.

- Renaming the last item from "Other resources" to "Further

- Adding some items to "Further resources".

If anybody cares, could they review this and send me and/or post their

I am planning on adding further changes soon:

- Putting in a bit more explanation of what NTP is and does so that
  GettingStarted is more self-contained, and so truly uninformed
  people don't get confused by mistaken preconceptions.  E.g., the
  fact that ntpd acts as both server and client is something people
  Really Don't Get.

- Removing the "Step n" numbers, as they make it harder to insert and
  delete steps, and I expect to insert one or two in the future.

- Add OS-specific items for RH 8.0.  But I don't expect that to be


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