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In article <i215b.362$Km1.2200632 at news-text.cableinet.net>, David J
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>> David J Taylor wrote in message ...
>> I seem not to have this problem. There may be a relation with
>> the fact that my IE has been instructed to ignore colours, font
>> styles, and font sizes in all pages. This is under the settings for
>> "accessibility" and I can highly recommed it.
> I think this re-inforces my original point - it should _not_ be
> necessary to alter anyone's browser settings to read this document.

This is addressed in the FAQ:

| http://www.ntp.org/ntpfaq/NTP-a-faq.htm#D-META-APPEARANCE
| 1.5.1. I don't like the look of the FAQ. What can I do?
| You are lucky: Actually the source of the FAQ uses no formatting rules
| at all, even the DSSSL code relies on HTML classes and style sheets to
| do the rendering. All properties like borders, colours, and font
| attributes are taken from a cascading style sheet (CSS).
| In practice, this means you don't have to change the HTML source to
| change the appearance. Instead simply provide your favourite user style
| sheet to do the formatting. If you prefer no fancy attributes at all,
| just empty the docbook.css file.[2]
| If the output looks extraordinarily odd, you may have a broken HTML
| browser. See also Q: 1.5.2..
| If you think colours are inconsistently chosen, please make a SUGGESTION
| for future improvement. If you dislike single colours or combinations
| thereof, please SUGGEST a change.

Contributing a revised style sheet will help you get what you want.
Ranting in a newsgroup will not.

Steve Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.org>

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