[ntp:questions] Re: Problem starting ntpd

Paul Croome Paul.Croome at softwareag.com
Wed Sep 3 15:55:06 UTC 2003

stenn at maccarony.ntp.org (Harlan Stenn) wrote in message news:<bj1r66$cbk$1 at dewey.udel.edu>...
> In article <ea26a3f3.0308280011.7047c5fb at posting.google.com>,
> Paul Croome <Paul.Croome at softwareag.com> wrote:
> >Harlan Stenn <stenn at whimsy.udel.edu> wrote in message
> >news:<o4u185a1f6.fsf at whimsy.udel.edu>...
> >> You also didn't show the line of output that said what verison of ntpd
> >> you were using.
> >
> >Quoting from my original posting:
> >
> >"... I've looked for a timeout 
> >in the source code (4.1.1b) but without success."
> I try to avoid assumptions, so I did not assume you were running the same
> version of ntp as the code you were reading.
> 4.1.1b is old, I recommend you use ntp-dev, or if that is not practical
> for you, 4.1.2.
> I gather the machine I usually use at UDel has been hit by lightning, this
> will make it Difficult for me to read email and news and also release 4.2.0.
> I'm working on getting things moving again.
> H

Er, yes, the code that I was reading was the same as the code that I 
compiled and ran. In the mean time, I have configured, compiled and installed
V4.1.2 -- also with the same patch, i.e. the line
"#define HAVE_SIGNALED_IO 1" in the config.h file is commented-out.
Everything is running fine on three different server machines.
When I have a few minutes, I'll try recompiling without the patch.


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