[ntp:questions] Re: Does NTP operates in different mode depending on poll interval?

Roy roy at suespammers.org
Thu Sep 4 03:00:04 UTC 2003

> Sorry but I have looked through the RFCs and related documentation.
> I'm obviously not saying that the answers to my questions aren't
> there, but perhaps I find them difficult to interpret as being the
> solutions. I suggest that the vast majority of questions posted to
> newsgroups are covered in documentation. Then what is the point of
> having newsgroups? Perhaps to help others...

That's my point exactly.  Your recent barrage of questions sounded
like they were from your homework.  Homework is given to help students
learn how to read and comprehend.  When someone else provides the
answer, the learning process is short circuited.  That helps no one.

Here's a couple of suggestions that might be helpful.  Point your
browser to www.ntp.org and read the FAQ and the briefings documents
there.  While there, take a look at twiki.ntp.org, if that's more your
style.  Maybe even do a search or two on a comp.protocols.time.ntp
archive.  Get a copy of the ntp software, install it on your computer
and observe it in action.  For programming and architecture questions,
look at the distribution source code.  The comments are very helpful. 
You won't need to learn C, but English comprehension is required.  You
might even learn a bit the Millspeak dialect that pervades much of the

There's also a lot of help available here in this newsgroup.  I just
don't want to stunt your intellectual growth by giving you answers
that you really should work out with the documentation.

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