[ntp:questions] Re: use of peer/server in ntp.conf

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at RZ.Uni-Regensburg.DE
Thu Sep 4 13:30:07 UTC 2003

"David J Taylor" <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk> writes:

> > > If a stratum-2 client tries to synchronise with a stratum-1 server
> > > with the following line in its configuration file:
> > >
> > > peer ntp2.usno.navy.mil
> > >
> > > does anything happen, since it should be using the keyword server
> > > rather than peer?
> >
> > Try reading the Association Management page of the official
> > documentation for help with server and peer usage.
> I do wish someone would give a straight answer - there are times when
> "read the documentation" isn't a particularly helpful reply!  If I knew I
> would tell you, but I am as interested in the answer as you are....

I think "peer" (as compared to "server") not only pulls the time, but
also pushes it. What the receiving party does with that time message
is another question (the usual algorithms apply). I think that's the


> Cheers,
> David

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