[ntp:questions] Re: Trimble Setup Question

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Sep 4 02:02:41 UTC 2003


It has for twenty years been the practice to list the folks who
contributed specific programs and software to the four NTP versions on
the copyright page in the respective distributions. There are currently
51 of them listed as authors of this work. There is ample legal
precedent to do this, and in some cases required by the various
employers and other copyright holders.

It may well be the case that some authors, like in the IPv6 support team
or I/O rewrite project, should be on that list. For those involved in
these efforts, please send appropriate entries and check whether you
need to add a copyright notice to some file or other. On occasion I have
been asked to provide a blanket copyright statement and disclaimer for
the distribution, but will never agreed to do so without specific
consultation with all 51 authors.

In a wider sense there have been many other valuable contibutors over
the years, but not legally authors of this work. While it is not legally
necessary to include them on the copyright page, it is important that
their contributions be acknowledged. I would personally prefer that
these folks be listed on a contributors page in the distribution, even
if acknowledged in other places as well. If you have further thoughts on
that, I would be glad to hear them.


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