[ntp:questions] Re: announce: PPSkit-2.1.2 for Linux 2.4.21

Piotr Trojanek ptrojane at mion.elka.pw.edu.pl
Fri Sep 5 10:19:48 UTC 2003

In article <m3n0dj337c.fsf at pc5234.rz.uni-regensburg.de>, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>Today I rebooted the backup timeserver, a Intel 386/SX 16MHz with 8MB
>RAM (maximum possible) and a PIO IDE drive... ;-)
>The machine has no TSC, nor APIC, but is still works. It's one of the
>last quality computers being built...

that's not the point. question is why modern OS (like Linux is) doesn't
utilize modern timekeeping hardware of modern PC (like APIC on SMP
machines is) and should anybody do something about this?

if APIC is really better or if it is the only way for SMP (expecially
with different CPUs speeds), then in my opinion, it would be nice, to
have this in Linux:)

Piotr Trojanek

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