[ntp:questions] Re: announce: PPSkit-2.1.2 for Linux 2.4.21

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at ds2.pg.gda.pl
Fri Sep 5 12:33:23 UTC 2003

On 4 Sep 2003, Ulrich Windl wrote:

> OK, who has free APIC documentation?
> > > What are the reasons Linux use TSC for PPS timestamping, while
> > > FreeBSD-5.1-RELEASE use ACPI (by default)? -- I don't say ACPI is
> > > better, just asking.

 Some APIC documentation is available in the IA-32 manual at the Intel web
site.  Additionally I can provide some data on the i82489DX, the original,
"discrete" APIC, which was much better documented than the newer,
integrated implementations. 

 But please decide whether you are talking about the (local) APIC (the
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) with it's builtin timer or the
ACPI (the Advanced Control and Power Interface) which also defines timers. 

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