[ntp:questions] where should we update sys_rootdispersion?

donglingd at hotmail.com donglingd at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 5 21:38:19 UTC 2003


   could somebody let me know in which procedure we should update 
sys_rootdispersion? I saw some old code update sys_rootdispersion in 
clock_update procedure after calling clock_select() while ntpv4 code update 
this system veriable in local_clock(). Which one is correct?

    I saw some how sys_rootdispersion is very big which cause all the 
packets send from this boxs are dropped by remote peer since header test8 
failed. I try to figure out how come sys_rootdispersion become that big. 
could anybode let me know how sys_rootdispersion is supposely caculated and 
update? what could be the cause?

Thanks so much!

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