[ntp:questions] Re: Where to obtain audioio.h

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Sun Sep 7 11:25:06 UTC 2003

Nicholas Suan <nsuan at noneiste.net> wrote in message news:<bjdgnb$66g$1 at tom.nonexiste.net>...
> I am trying to compile ntp-4.1.2 with audio clock support for Linux (Redhat  
> 7.3, 2.4.18-3).
> ...
> If I insert a copy of audioio.h (found on the internet) into the proper 
> place, ntpd compiles fine, but when I try to run it it dies

Inserting an include file with IOCTL values from a different OS
and architecture will rarely work...

4.1.2's refclock_wwv doesn't work with Linux.  I've used this guy's patches
for refclock_wwv on 4.1.73 and had success, though:


Right now I'm trying to figure out what changes were made between 4.1.73
and 4.1.74 and why they were made.


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