[ntp:questions] Re: Where to obtain audioio.h

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Sep 8 00:11:09 UTC 2003


Ouch, that must hurt a lot. Far better to hack ./libntp/audio.c and
leave the refclock_wwv.c alone. That makes the CHU and IRIG drivers work
as well. By the way, using the audio mixer with audio drivers is
strongly discouraged, as it introduces some nasty jitter.

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> Nicholas Suan <nsuan at noneiste.net> wrote in message news:<bjdgnb$66g$1 at tom.nonexiste.net>...
> > I am trying to compile ntp-4.1.2 with audio clock support for Linux (Redhat
> > 7.3, 2.4.18-3).
> > ...
> > If I insert a copy of audioio.h (found on the internet) into the proper
> > place, ntpd compiles fine, but when I try to run it it dies
> Inserting an include file with IOCTL values from a different OS
> and architecture will rarely work...
> 4.1.2's refclock_wwv doesn't work with Linux.  I've used this guy's patches
> for refclock_wwv on 4.1.73 and had success, though:
>   http://www.wraith.sf.ca.us/ntp/
> Right now I'm trying to figure out what changes were made between 4.1.73
> and 4.1.74 and why they were made.
> Tim.

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