[ntp:questions] Re: Where to obtain audioio.h

Ross rwa at augly.bogons
Mon Sep 8 06:31:48 UTC 2003

"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:

> Tim,
> Ouch, that must hurt a lot. Far better to hack ./libntp/audio.c and
> leave the refclock_wwv.c alone. That makes the CHU and IRIG drivers work
> as well. By the way, using the audio mixer with audio drivers is
> strongly discouraged, as it introduces some nasty jitter.

Dear Dr. Mills,

I must be a little dense, because I can't imagine how you get the audio
into the ADC without going through the mixer.  Could you expand a little
on this for the benefit of the chimelorn?  FWIW, I've hacked upon the
code a little myself, and a great deal of what needed work was precisely
getting the mixers to fly right (FreeBSD w/ multiple radios environment).

Ross ve6pdq
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