[ntp:questions] Re: handling of falsetickers with dumb NTP clients

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Sep 10 01:55:05 UTC 2003


I strongly agree and recall a meeting I was at with the root DNS server
operators in late 1999 where they were concerned that NTP during the
millennium roll might do extremely wicked things. They take time really
seriously for obvious reasons. I told them not to worry because NTP
doesn't know anything except the number of vague seconds since 1900.
Well, we're still heeeeere.

Well, they beat me up about the NTP roll in 2036. I told them not to
worry even then. See the backgrounder article about the NTP timescale
and era numbering on the NTP project page.


Danny Mayer wrote:
> roger.neumann at web.de (Roger) wrote in message news:<d7f21740.0309042341.6e10b948 at posting.google.com>...
> > stenn at maccarony.ntp.org (Harlan Stenn) wrote in message news:<bj8ktu$gjt$1 at dewey.udel.edu>...
> > > The "new ntp server equipment" can be most any ancient box that has
> > > no other use, or it can be any existing *ix box that has a few spare cycles.
> >
> > The additional NTP servers could be new Sun servers running Solaris 8
> > (NTPv4) and mostly dedicated to NTP service, maybe running DNS in
> > addition.
> >
> I strongly suggest that you don't run NTP as a public service on a DNS server,
> just use NTP to receive on that system. Some DNS configurations require that
> you have good time on the server, but you keep the DNS services independent
> of the NTP service.
> Danny

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