[ntp:questions] Re: How to force ntpd to set time first time if clock is withhin +-128ms range

Sarbjit Singh singh at image.dk
Wed Sep 10 13:04:46 UTC 2003

"Marc A. Donges" <filter.marc.usenet-200212 at defiant.hadiko.de> wrote in
message news:slrnblt9v8.nbg.filter.marc.usenet-200212 at defiant.hadiko.de...
> Sarbjit wrote:
> > The ntpdate program can't run when the ntpd is running on the clients
> > the port is used by ntpd. I would then need to stop ntpd before running
> > ntpdate. This will give various support issues with different operating
> > systems, and versions.
> ntpdate -b
> Please read at least the manual before causing unnecessary load for
> thousands of people.
Yes I have read the official documentation ntpdate. In the beginning of this
documentation it points to not to use the ntpdate, but use ntpd. The ntpdate
program will retire from distribution some time in the future. Functionality
of ntpdate has been build into ntpd. That is the main reason not to use

So I still looking for how to force ntpd to reset time first time it start,
and continuing to discipline the clock afterwards. That would achieve our
goal to having a precision of +-1 ms after short time.

> > "Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder" <varys at fortytwo.ch> wrote in
> > news:1750205.XYWth8do2b at altfrangg.fortytwo.ch...
> [...]
> Why do you include all this if you're not referring to it in detail?
Sorry, will not happen again.

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