[ntp:questions] Peer question

B.A.Baumgart bab at inel.gov
Wed Sep 10 15:55:10 UTC 2003

I rebooted one of my servers, partly to move some cables and partly to 
watch it rejoin the NTP subnet.  It established communication with the 
machines that its conf file has as servers, but did not talk to its peer 
for over ten minutes.  The peer has a key associated with it.  Since ten 
minutes is (very) roughly half of a poll of 1024, I figure that it wouldn't 
talk until the peer tried to talk to it at its normal poll.  Is this even 

If it is right, it answers a yet unasked question.  What are the 
disadvantages of increasing maxpoll to 12 or more?

Bruce Baumgart
bab at inel.gov

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