[ntp:questions] Re: Stack size

Peter Boettcher boettcher at ll.mit.edu
Fri Sep 12 18:35:52 UTC 2003

kri222 at hotmail.com (Krish) writes:

> I am running the ntp in linux machine and it is showing up a stack
> size usage of nearly ~2M.  I am surprised why NTP is using 2Meg of
> stack size.  Is there a way to adjust the stack size.  Does 2M sound
> reasonable size?

How do you arrive at this number?  On my machine, ntpd uses 2.4M of
total virtual memory space.  Most of this is memory mapped library
files which are used by many other applications.  The binary itself is
mapped into 300K, and I see only about another 256K of private
memory.  Which to me seems astoundingly small.

Peter Boettcher
boettcher at ll.mit.edu

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