[ntp:questions] Re: NTP with MD5 client

Roy roy at suespammers.org
Sun Sep 14 02:30:07 UTC 2003

"Chris O'Blacky" <blackishUSUNTO at gazeta.pl> wrote in message news:<bjs134$mk7$1 at inews.gazeta.pl>...
> Hi all,
> I have bought NTP serwer with MD5 authentication method. At the moment i
> need to test the authentication so
> i'm searching for the client supporting MD5 (MS Win preffered). If somebody
> has that client please give me info where
> can i find it.Thanks in advance ...
> regards
> chris

Hi Chris,

If by MS Win you mean Windows NT or Win2K, you should be able to run
the standard NTP distribution.  If you don't have the development
tools to compile it yourself, there are links to the compiled objects
at www.ntp.org/links.html.

Have a great time,

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