[ntp:questions] Re: Trimble's Acutime 2000 compared to Arcron MSF

Tim Shoppa shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Mon Sep 15 16:45:06 UTC 2003

ryandrk at hotmail.com (Drk Ryan) wrote in message news:<de98eac0.0309121148.2e954ed3 at posting.google.com>...
> Are there ratings available for different reference clocks performance
> with NTP?
> I am looking at the offset for two stratum-1 servers, one uses
> Trimble's Acutime 2000 and the other an Arcron MSF Receiver.
> The performance is much better with the Trimble receiver. Has anyone
> else experienced this? Or is there a problem with the MSF receiver?

Others have already chimed in with their own observations, which may
be right for them, but I have to ask:

 What kind of performance are you looking for?

Microsecond-level PPS?  Trimble Time Tag (which advertises that it
eliminates the latencies of PPS?)  A couple milliseconds via serial data?

Most any serial link will need the serial line delays fudged... comparing
before doing such fudging is unfair IMHO.  And if you only care to a few
milliseconds (a fair assumption for WAN links) then does any of it matter
to the application?


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