[ntp:questions] Please demistify the SHM driver

Jerome Oufella oufella at SPAMBLOCKchez.com
Mon Sep 15 22:02:18 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,
	I'm writing an handler for a proprietary kind of GPS clock, using RS232 
signals and the SHM driver.
The NTP documentation describes the structure of the memory segment, and 
says that :

"[...] (clockTimeStampSec, clockTimeStampUSec,
         receiveTimeStampSec,  receiveTimeStampUSec,
         leap, precision) are passed to ntp

What value(s) should I set, while my GPS clock only sends me the 
following values :
  - Day
  - Month
  - Year
  - Hour (local time)
  - Minutes
  - Seconds
Once every minute. I use them to build a UNIX time_t. Should it be 
stored in clockTimeStampSec or receiveTimeStampSec ?
What about leap & precision ?

Thanks in advance.


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