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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Tue Sep 16 14:37:58 UTC 2003

At 4:18 PM +0200 2003/09/16, Jan Ceuleers wrote:

>  The script does less than what restarting ntpd would do, but that is
>  good. Restarting ntpd means that during the time that ntpd shuts down,
>  restarts and regains synchronisation with the local clock, it does not
>  serve time to clients.

	You'd also lose your drift file, etc....

>  - my script is only capable of refreshing the very simplest of server
>  and peer configurations (i.e. no iburst & what have you)

	That's easy to solve.  Instead of using awk, use grep piped to 
sed.  That would allow you to do things like:

		grep -i '^server' /etc/ntp.conf | grep -vi '^server 127.127' 
| sed 's/^server/addserver/'


		grep -i '^peer' /etc/ntp.conf | sed 's/^peer/addpeer/'

	Thus, leaving the rest of the configuration line unchanged.

	For the unconfig stuff, you should probably leave configured any 
"local" servers, i.e., servers that are on the same network according 
to the IP address/netmask of the affected interface.

>  - you may need to tweak it to get it to run with your ntpd version and
>  OS distribution (in terms of file locations, detailed syntax of the
>  passwd command in ntpdc etc.).

	My understanding is that Dave hates ntpdc.  We're trying to work 
on a way to incorporate all that functionality into ntpq, but I don't 
know whether or not we'll be able to make it before ntpdc is shot 

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