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David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Sep 16 17:42:47 UTC 2003


If a server is restarted using iburst mode, it normally takes only ten
seconds to come back to life, but clients generally take up to several
minutes or even hours to notice. Even if they do notice and conclude the
server is dead, in the normal course of events they continue to provide
nominal correct time to dependent applications. Only in the case where
precision kernel modifications are in use and the applications call the
ntp_gettime() system call is the unsynchronized condition even available
to applications.


Jan Ceuleers wrote:
> Hans Klein wrote:
> > Restarting, that I mean is stop and start immediately. So I have not the
> > problem with the clients. What I want to know is, when I stop the ntpd
> > poll is 14 and when I start it again poll is 9. I look for a solution to
> > start with poll 14 so it can increase to 17 and stay at 17.
> Hans,
> What I meant is that restarting ntpd (as in stopping it and immediately
> restarting it) causes time service to be temporarily unavailable to
> clients. The interval during which this is the case is short (seconds to
> minutes) and if this does not bother you then by all means simply
> restart the daemon.
> If on the other hand you do not want your clients to lose
> synchronisation with your server, even if the server is itself not
> synchronised to any external time sources due to the loss of
> connectivity or a change in IP address, then my script will help you
> accomplish this.
> As Brad noted the script could do with some embellishments and
> refinements for which I personally have no need.
> Cheers, Jan

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