[ntp:questions] Re: NMEA driver clk_fault - OK. Thanks

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Wed Sep 17 21:02:25 UTC 2003

    Sorry for the out of place reply. My news server didn't get the post I'm
replying to.

In article <3F672FF7.B3D1C058 at udel.edu>, David L. Mills <mills at udel.edu>


>Why do you need to do this when the clockstats facility is so readily
>accessable? All the drivers I know about stash the timecode string via
>this facility as enabled by fudge flag 4.

    I originally wrote the code to get much more detailed information,
including the GPS constellation information, satellite received signal
strengths, and so on. This data was used to build the 'Live View' web page
for GPSClock.com. Frank Mayhar upgraded it significantly, but unfortunately
it doesn't seem to be working anymore.


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