[ntp:questions] Disable Novell-Netware-Client of setting the time

Vincent Smeets Nobody at No.SPAM.org
Thu Sep 18 07:43:48 UTC 2003


How can I disable Novell Netware client to set the time?

I am using Windows 2000 with Novell Netware client and NTP 4.1.72.
NTP is keeping the time in sync with the other computers. Every time I login
using the Netware client, the time of my computer is set by the Netware
client to a time that differs of about 500ms. By this, NTP is out of sync
and needs a few hours before it is in sync again. I want the time to be
synchronised by NTP and not by Novell!

I want to disable Netware client of setting the time. The login script
doesn't contain a SET_TIME command and I have set the property of the
Netware client "Advanced Settings->Set Station Time" to "Off".

Vincent Smeets

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