[ntp:questions] Re: NTP with MD5 client

Chris O'Blacky blackishUSUNTO at gazeta.pl
Thu Sep 18 09:10:16 UTC 2003

> > Just curious: which product did you go with, and why?
> We bought the Praecis Gntp server from EndRun Technologies and the
> TymServe 2100 from Symmetricom.  We chose servers from two different
> vendors.  These servers appear to use significantly different
> engineering.  We hope this diversity will provide additional
> protection against bugs like the TrueTime rollover anomaly.  We had no
> concerns about getting access to the roof, so that was where we wanted
> to mount the GPS antennas.
> Most of the units we investigated seemed capable and quite good.  For
> our data center, the units had to be rack mounted.  We wanted a PPS
> output signal and 100BaseT network connections.  Cost was a factor,
> but not the most significant one.  More subjective criteria were the
> aparant ease of installation, configuration and how much attention
> they would need when in service.  Some promising units were ruled out
> simply because we couldn't get information back from the sales group
> in a timely manner.  Hope this helps.

We have bought new product of Oscilloquartz ... very compact, rack mounted
solution with PPS, Etherrnet and (important for us)  10MHz analog outputs.
Equipment is easy configurable and also equipped with internal oscillator
quite good holdover stability :).


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