[ntp:questions] Re: [pool.ntp.org] 87 servers so far / web server configuration / some other small things

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Fri Sep 19 01:14:04 UTC 2003

At 12:55 AM +0000 2003/09/19, Dale Worley wrote:

>  I'm curious how many *clients* are using the pool service.  One way to
>  count would be to log DNS queries for 'pool.ntp.org'.

	Keep in mind that local nameservers can cache this data, thus 
hiding the amount of people who might be served by a particular 
caching nameserver and using pool.ntp.org.

>                                                         Another would
>  be to do periodic 'ntpdc -c monlist -n' on each member of the pool and
>  see what clients use more than one member of the pool (which should
>  eliminate clients of the server within the server's organization).

	Keep in mind that NTP will only use the first IP address it finds 
that provides a response.  Combine that with the fact that many 
caching resolvers don't do round-robin, and even if you have multiple 
instances of "pool.ntp.org" listed in your /etc/ntp.conf file, you'll 
most likely end up having each of those lines result in trying to 
talk to the same server.

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