[ntp:questions] Q:About ntpd sync

Yuji Hoshino yuji.hoshino at niscom.co.jp
Fri Sep 19 04:36:11 UTC 2003


we are setting up ntp4 time server from rpm package on RedHat
AdvancedServer 2.1 and cooperate with ntp3 servers on HP-UX.
2 ntp3 servers are stratum 1 and 3 ntp4 servers are stratum 2 and
3 ntp4 severs's are isolated by subnet.

Syncronizing to ntp3 ntp4 server is no problem,
but,my ntp4 server syncronizing to peer ntp4 servers takes very long
time,2,or 3 days.
At starting up my ntp4 server, it seems to be synced to ntp3 servers and
peers,but after 5 minutes or so,can't sync and cannot resync and
resetted over and over till 2 or 3 days after.

Why does my ntp4 server take so long time to sync peers?

is this specifications of ntpd ?

Any information will be appreciated .

Thanks a lot .

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