[ntp:questions] Re: Any recommendations for a rack-mount NTP appliance?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Sep 19 05:12:53 UTC 2003


Caution: see mizbeaver.udel.edu, a TrueTime NTP-200, and note the
awesome errors now displayed. This is apparently a hardware glitch. The
sales person should be tasked to explain that before you buy. There have
been evil occasions when TrueTime products have come seriously off the
rails. I have every reason to like TrueTime products, but they need to
explain how such problems can occur.

Apologies about the lack of context in this message; our news server
anal retention again. Frankly, I am irritated to the max about this
attempt to conserve network bandwidth when I am currently deluged with
200 messages per hour of spam and ten megabytes per day of garbage.


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