[ntp:questions] Re: Allan variance plots

Piotr Trojanek ptrojane at mion.elka.pw.edu.pl
Fri Sep 19 12:20:58 UTC 2003

In article <3F68A9FF.78018661 at udel.edu>, David L. Mills wrote:
>Here is a Matlab program to read loopstats files and construct Allan
>deviation plots. You can modify it for another language or file format.
>The key is in the first while loop.

Thanks. I modified it for octave (free, mostly Matlab (R) compatible),
works really great (and much faster compared to soft I was using for
last few days).

I would like to answer myself a question, how various OS are capable
of timekeeping. I was thinking about FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux and two
real-time OS, QNX and ECOS. Also I would like to check this on both
i486 and PentiumII (without and with Processor Cycle Counter).

I'm still not sure does Allan deviation is what I need, but I just
wanted to make these plots anyway. Papers about this topis are quite
difficult for me to understand...

Piotr Trojanek

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