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Ian Gibbons ian at BEYONDmywits-end.co.uk
Sat Sep 20 00:05:25 UTC 2003

"Per Hedeland" <per at hedeland.org> wrote in message
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> In article <bD69b.5613$vX3.682595 at wards.force9.net> "Ian Gibbons"
> <ian at BEYONDmywits-end.co.uk> writes:
> >
> >Tried that didnt work. Infact its actually using 'ntpd', but for some
> >it still binds to all interfaces, then again to them individually so as
> >take up three lines on netstat -a.
> >Why is it doing this? It looks crazy and its mildly annoying also, as I
> >keep my netstat list as clean as possible.
> Binding to all IP addresses individually is the only way (with the
> standard IPv4 socket interface) to find the destination address of
> incoming UDP packets - and ntpd needs to do that to be able to send
> reply packets with that address as source. BIND does the same thing
> (by default).
> --Per Hedeland
> per at hedeland.org

Cheers for the explaination. Is there not a way you can force it to use a
particular interface/ip ?
As simply having it bind to eth0's IP would be great.


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