[ntp:questions] NEMEA on windows close to work...

paralasnewsid at terra.es paralasnewsid at terra.es
Mon Sep 22 10:44:17 UTC 2003

I compiled ntp on windows platform and used as server in config
With ntpq  tool and cv command i get all time "bad_time" from gps code:
"$GPRMC,121212" and thats all ,it is the good GMT time 12h12min12sec

On the other hand,  i can see the correct and complete nmea strings from gps
"$GPRMC,121212,A,.....    *"

I read NT only support PAlisade gps receiver, but nmea driver on XP reads
the first time substring , its very close to work , someone did it work ON

Is there a non stable version that works?

Thanks in advance....

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