[ntp:questions] Re: Effect of Antenna Cable Delay

Ross rwa at augur.bogons
Thu Sep 25 18:22:03 UTC 2003

hmurray at suespammers.org (Hal Murray) writes:

> The speed of light in most cable is about 1/2 that in vaccuum.
> Low loss cable is faster.

Typical solid-wall polyethlyne dieletric cable has a velocity factor of about
.66, foam-dielectic around .75.  Air-spaced lines get up to about .95 or so.

Given that the 23,000 miles of free-space propagation totally
dominates the 100' of cable, I'd say this error source comes down to
being << epsilon.

I could of course be wrong.  Dr Mills will naturally have the final word.

Ross Alexander

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