[ntp:questions] Re: Effect of Antenna Cable Delay

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Sat Sep 27 23:19:49 UTC 2003

Hal Murray wrote:

>>   Well, with GOES, the satellite is geosynchronous, so the distance
>>between the satellite and the receiver is constant. The only thing you can't
>>correct for is the slight variability in the speed of light over the portion
>>of that distance that's through the atmosphere.
> How much does the atmospheric delay change?  Is there any way
> to correct for that?  (Say by using the outside temperature,
> or the time of day.)
> How stable is the actual satellite orbital position?  I think
> they wander around slighty.  Is that significant for accurate timing?

WAAS introduces similar calculations to regular GPS receivers:

The geostationary sats used to transmit the WAAS (or EGNOS) correction 
data, can also be used directly for position determination, as long as 
it sends the same kind of orbit data the regular GPS sats transmit.


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