[ntp:questions] Re: Locking memory in ntp

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sun Sep 28 05:27:31 UTC 2003

>I run a cron job every 15 minutes. All it does is:
>     arp -d            (your IP address)

>I found that it was necessary to use the -d switch to actually delete
>the route. Otherwise it would expire every 20 minutes whether or not
>there was any traffic on the interface.

I'm missing someting and it might be interesting.

Why is a system sending itself packets over an (Ethernet?)
interface?  Or why do they matter for time keeping accuracy?
Does NTP do that?

I just checked my Linux box and arp -a doesn't show
an entry for itself.  (Yes, NTP is running.)

>      ping -n -c 1 -q   (ping your gateway or similar)

Pinging the gateway is a good first step, but that may not solve
the problem if the NTP servers you want to talk to are on the other
side of the gateway.

Burst mode sounds better and better.

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