[ntp:questions] Re: NTP seems unsuitable for this application... what do you think?

John Seal sealj at indy.raytheon.com
Thu Dec 2 14:10:46 UTC 2004

Darren Dunham wrote:

>>- Why weren't the two peer servers synced closer than a few seconds?
> Did 'ntpq -p' show them as closer, but inspection showed them not to be,
> or did the display show them to be far apart?  A display and the actual
> ntp.conf files would help.

"ntpq" showed them as far apart as "date" seemed to indicate.

See my reply to Richard B. Gilbert elsewhere in this thread for 
information about the ntp.conf files.  I don't have the actual files, 
since the system isn't networked outside its LAN, but I do have notes.

> restart ntpd with -g which will resync.

We are using Sun's xntpd, which doesn't document a -g switch.

Thanks for your help.

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