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> Hi,
> I hope somebody could help me with the following. I'm attempting to use
> a GPS signal to regulate a PCs system clock and in turn use this PC as
> a 'time server' to keep one or more other specified PCs synchronized.
> Please could somebody point me in the right direction as to how I can
> begin to achieve this. I am a total newbie to the whole area of time
> synchronization and from what reading I have done I am a bit (okay
> very!) confused.
> My scenario is as follows: I am assuming that (a) all the PCs are
> Windows 2000 (b) they are networked together (c) that I have a GPS
> signal coming through the serial port of one PC from which I extract
> the relevant date/time information, and use to set the system time of
> that PC and (d) that I don't have access to any third party time
> synchronization tools.
> (How -) Can I configure the PCs to synchronize automatically? (How -)
> Can I specify which PC is the time server and which are the clients.
> (How -) Can I specify how often to synchronize?

If you have a Active Directory (AD) the systems all syncronize to the top 
Domain Controller (DC). You don't need to do anything other than syncronize 
the DC. However if you are just using peer networking (workgroup) the 
systems don't syncronize the time (WinXP does, but you said all Win2000).

There are a couple things you can do. You can install NTP on all the 
computers. This is over kill unless you want very accurate time. Otherwise 
Win2000 has SNTP (W32Time), a subset of NTP. You can make it syncronize to a 
NTP computer with the command:

C:\>net time /setsntp:time.domain.com

where time.domain.com is the name of a computer that has NTP running. This 
is by far the easiest method. The computers will syncronize to the NTP 
source about 3 times a day after then initial syncronize. There are more 
options here:


I maintain a small network of computers and use this method for time 
syncronization. I use a Linux box as the NTP source. The Linux box also 
serves as the DC, mail and file server so it was easy to add the NTP 

My experiences here:


Good luck. 

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