[ntp:questions] Re: synchronisation lost problem

Harlan Stenn stenn at www.ntp.org
Wed Dec 8 09:37:34 UTC 2004

Are you running a kernel that has HZ=1000 instead of 100?  That can cause
lost interrupts, as I recall.

The only other thought I have at the moment is to consider running the
scripts/calc_tickadj script and then using that adjustment with the
tickadj program.

If you want to try this (this procedure is not generally recommended):

- stop ntpd
- run tickadj with no arguments to see your current "tick" value.
- run calc_tickadj, and:
- - change the value in your driftfile to the new drift value
- - run the tickadj script, providing it with the new tick value
- restart ntpd

Note that calc_tickadj assumes the "normal" tick value; if you have to
run this more than once you must "accumulate" the tick deltas.

Did I mention it is usually a bad idea to mess with the value of "tick"?

If you are going to mess with "tick" it is best to do it in small amounts.

After changing "tick", wait a little while and make sure things are
getting better, not worse.


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