[ntp:questions] NTP sync problems

Robert Rati Robert.Rati at motorola.com
Thu Dec 9 13:34:22 UTC 2004

I'm running NTP 4.2 on a Linux system which syncs off of 2 other Linux 
boxes (One Debian, other Redhat) running ntp (one is ntp 4.1, other is 
ntp 4.1.2) and I'm having no problems syncing.

However, when I use the same client in a different environment which 
syncs off of a Sun box running NTP 4.2 or a SUSE Linux box running NTP 
4.1, I can't sync.  When I run ntpq, I see this:

[root@ root]# ntpq -pn
      remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset 
*     LOCAL(0)        10 l   31   64  377    0.000    0.000 
x<IP>        .LCL.            1 u   35   64  377    0.272  -33.321   2.439
x<IP>        LOCAL(0)        11 u   44   64  377    0.416  735934.   6.326

The "x" status means that it is a "designated falseticker by the 
intersection algorithm".  What does this mean?  Is this a client or 
server configuration issue?  Can anyone give me some tips on how to 
debug this situation?


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