[ntp:questions] Re: why is it so important that your servers all have the same notion of time?

Mxsmanic mxsmanic at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 12 16:48:33 UTC 2004

Folkert van Heusden writes:

> The subject says it all.
> Where I work (an academic hospital in the netherlands), we have 4
> timeservers.
> Now I would like to introduce a fith timeserver but that one with a DCF77-
> receiver connected to it so that we've always a real good notion of time.
> I would say that is very important but I really can't give any good reasons
> for that. Very unfortunate.
> So my question is: why should we?

There are no disadvantages to having all machines perfectly
synchronized, and a number of advantages.  There are times when knowing
the order in which things happened across systems to within a fraction
of a second is crucial to postmortem debugging, analysis, and security

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