[ntp:questions] Re: NTPv4 proposed specification available in any format?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Dec 13 04:31:25 UTC 2004


The SNTPv4 specification was submitted to the RFC editor in Postel ASCII 
format, but has been caught in the general logjam at the editor's desk 
for over a year. The NTP security document is available only in PDF and 
not in Postel ASCII format and, as it has many equations and unASCIIable 
content, I do not plan to produce an ASCII ripoff.

The recent BOF in Washington kicked off a IETF task force with product a 
definitive NTPv4 specification. The briefings and flowcharts on the NTP 
project page pretty much sum up the algorithmic refinements, but the 
specification itself is some months away. By agreement with my sponsors, 
what leaves my desk will be PDF, not Postel ASCII. I will leave that 
conversion to others.

A detailed explanation and discussion on the algorithms is in a book 
nearing completion. I am happy to have some chapters peer reviewed on an 
individual basis, but pending publication I can't release the whole thing.


bobrbradley at gmail.com wrote:
> Is the NTPv4 specification (or a draft) available in any format?
> I've read posts from a few months ago about the IETF format issues, but
> the URL referenced in those messages,
> <http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/reports.html>, no longer seems to be
> valid. I searched the referenced site and www.ntp.org, but I couldn't
> find the aforementioned NTPv4 PDF.
> I found the SNTPv4 PDF and read it, but I'm interested in the reading
> about the changes to the algorithms between NTPv3 and NTPv4. I'm
> basically looking for a general replacement for RFC 1305 (NTPv3), even
> if it is only a draft.

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