[ntp:questions] bind ntpd to a specific adress

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Dec 16 22:42:11 UTC 2004

At 1:54 PM +0100 2004-12-16, Vincent Blondel wrote:

>  I am trying to set up a jail environment on one of my FreeBSD Servers
>  and I am asking if it is possible to bind ntpd to a specific IP address ???

	There should be one and only one ntpd running on a given system, 
and it should be running on the bare hardware and not in any kind of 
a jail or "virtual server".  Doing anything else is unlikely to work 
at all, and if it does work, is likely to cause way more problems 
than it could possibly solve.

	If your jail services provider doesn't run a properly configured 
ntpd on your system, you should get them to fix this, or change 

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