[ntp:questions] Re: Yet Another Isolated Network Question

Bruce Baumgart bab at inel.gov
Fri Dec 17 17:03:20 UTC 2004

Richard B. Gilbert wrote in news:2NOdnbAbsKXLpF_cRVn-hg at comcast.com:

> Bruce Baumgart wrote:
>>I have been following the isolated network configuration discussions 
>>because I am in a very similar situation.

<SNIP my stuff>

> It should work to the extent that everybody on your local network
> should be within a second or so of the server 
> The server will drift and everybody should follow it.  If you want a 
> reasonable approximation of the correct time someone will have to
> adjust your server's clock periodically.

There is a remote server.  Just making sure that things will behave the 
way I think they will if the connection does go away.

> It's rather like using a limousine to haul garbage but what can you
> do? 

"Here's the problem.  Here's what you can't do.  Fix it, but don't spend 
any money."

You do what you can, with what you have.

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