[ntp:questions] Re: Yet Another Isolated Network Question

Bruce Baumgart bab at inel.gov
Fri Dec 17 20:47:38 UTC 2004

Richard B. Gilbert wrote in news:KNSdnZbxio44o17cRVn-1g at comcast.com:

> Bruce Baumgart wrote:
>>Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>>>Bruce Baumgart wrote:


> Your local server should follow the remote server.    It the remote 
> server is not synchronized to an external clock of some sort, someone 
> will have to correct it manually from time to time.

Yep.  Not my problem, just bothers me aesthetically.

> #
> # Declare the local clock to be the clock of last resort.
> # It will be used to serve time in the absence of any other.
> #
> server
> fudge stratum 10
> # 
> In your particular case setting the local clock to stratum ten may not 
> be necessary but it will do no harm and is good practice.  The high 
> stratum should convince just about anybody that it's not a desirable 
> clock to synchronize with if there is any other choice.

A curiousity question.  If you don't fudge the local clock, it defaults 
to stratum-5.  Every time anybody shows the local clock server statement, 
they say to fudge it to 10. Is there any case where a local clock should 
be left a 5?  Why not default it to 10?  

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