[ntp:questions] Re: minpoll and maxpoll

David J Taylor david-taylor at invalid.com
Mon Dec 20 10:46:56 UTC 2004

Helmut Wollmersdorfer wrote:
> Now, 11 hours after restart, the actual values for poll in
>   ntpq -p
> show no value higher than 256.

Maxpoll = 8 means 2^8 seconds = 256 seconds, so you're getting what you 
would expect.  There is a situation where the non-local servers need to be 
polled as often as the local servers, and it has been described here 

> As I do not want to produce to much traffic on public servers, shall I
> specify something like
>   minpoll 8 maxpoll 10
> for them?

It may make no difference.  I would suggest not specifying these values at 
all where you have a mixture of local and public servers.


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