[ntp:questions] Re: refclock WWV on freeBSD 5.3

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Mon Dec 20 15:13:36 UTC 2004

david.margrave at gmail.com wrote:

> A while back I set up WWV on a linux box, and decided to give it a try
> on free BSD next.  I have just installed freeBSD 5.3 on x86 hardware,
> and built the 'port' package for ntp.  I got this in the logs:
> Dec 19 17:00:47 scooby ntpd[25416]: mlockall(): Resource temporarily
> unavailable
> Dec 19 17:00:47 scooby ntpd[25416]: internal error: refclockio
> structure not found
> Dec 19 17:00:48 scooby kernel: pid 25416 (ntpd), uid 0: exited on
> signal 11 (core dumped)
> I found another post on the mlockall and changed that in my config.h.
> It appears that the WWV refclock is being built (there is a .o module
> for it in the work dir, and nm on the ntpd binary shows symbols like
> wwv_epoch defined).   I looked at the code and this 'refclockio
> structure not found' seems to happen when it walks through a linked
> list of refclockio structs searching for the matching one, and can't
> find it.

Yes, when it is trying to close the file-descriptor of the refclock.

> I went ahead and added this to my top-level port Makefile:
> and rebuilt, and still got the same syslog entries.   So I'm basically
> stuck at this point.  Here are the relevant bits of my ntp.conf
> server
> fudge time1 0.005200 time2 0.014657 flag2 1 flag3 1 flag4
> 1

I'd guess there's some trouble with the audio device, which is causing
the refclock initialization to fail silently; at which point it calls
the shutdown routine which fails with the error you see because the
init didn't work.

Reconfiguring and running with debugging on might give more info.

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